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Shaun Shaver
Shaun ShaverIT Director

Meet Walker
November 1, 2013

walker the dog

Just look at this albino Doberman Pinscher. Is he the new Fast Horse mascot?

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When Your IT Guy Falls From The Sky
September 13, 2013

Why would you jump out of a perfectly good airplane? Just plain crazy? Midlife crisis? Our IT guy has an another answer: Because it is amazingly fun.

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Taylors Falls And Franconia: So Close, So Beautiful
August 14, 2013

For a quick and rewarding escape from the city, head east for some hiking in the St. Croix Valley and be sure to hit the surprising Franconia Sculpture Park, too.

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Cool Case, But No Real Innovation With Apple’s New Mac Pro
June 11, 2013

Apple unveils a tubular Mac Pro. But does a funky case count as innovation? Not really. While the design is cool, the overall product doesn’t change much in the computing world.

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New Gaming Headset Aims To Make Virtual Reality A Reality
April 17, 2013

Virtual reality is considered to be the Holy Grail of computer gaming. Current and past virtual reality headsets provided a mediocre and gimmicky experience. But here comes Oculus Rift, a cutting-edge virtual reality headset that could literally change the game.

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Sweet Rides At The 2013 Twin Cities Auto Show
March 21, 2013

Crown and Coke in hand, Shaun rolls through the Twin Cities Auto Show in Minneapolis. Check out his pix of the great wheels he came across.

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Sony’s Next-Gen Console Unveiled
February 22, 2013

The specs on the upcoming PlayStation 4 look great.: Two cameras, voice tracking, tons of processing power and more. But if Sony blocks used games and doesn’t make PS4 play nice with previous versions, then gamers might wait to see what Microsoft offers up with its next-gen device.

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T.C. Electronics Gives Away Software To Great Effect
January 28, 2013

Unless you’re a gear head, you may not have heard of T.C. Electronics. But you’ve heard their guitar effects. The company is smartly giving away some cool software to build even more loyalty among its legion of fans.

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More Rocking And Less Tuning With The Gibson Min-ETune
December 28, 2012

Gibson Min-ETune

Shaun, the resident rocker at Fast Horse, checks out a new device that takes care of one of the more mundane tasks shredders face — tuning a guitar.

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With ‘Ingress,’ Google Tests Augmented Reality Game
November 28, 2012

Google Ingres

The games uses your GPS location, Google mapping technology and your cell phone camera to interact with a fictional world. Keeping it real, Google is courting advertisers to join the fun.

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