More Rocking And Less Tuning With The Gibson Min-ETune

December 28, 2012

Lets face it. When you feel the need to grab your guitar and bust out “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” you don’t want to be bothered by tuning. Trust me I know by experience.

Thankfully, Gibson has released a product called Min-ETune that can automatically tune your guitar. Grab your axe, strum the strings, turn your amp up to 11, and it’s game on.

The device consists of a small battery powered tuning unit and six robotic tuners that mount to the back of the guitar headstock. No wiring, custom routing or screws are needed for the tuning unit, as it mounts with the tuners. It provides 12 popular tunings and six custom settings. The unit uses an isolated piezo pickup and physically turns the tuners to raise or lower the tension of the strings to get your guitar in pitch.

If this works well, Min-ETune could actually be a usable tool for gigging musicians. Let’s say that you are starting the night out with a face-melting rendition of Dokken’s “Breaking the Chains,” but the next song is in a different tuning. At the end of the song mute your guitar, press a button, strum the strings, and your ready for the next tune before your singer is done saying all the stupid stuff that singers say in between songs … you know, something like “This next number is for all the ladies in the house!”

Gibson released a robotic guitar with the automatic tuner features built in awhile back, but it involved a lot of custom work and was only available in a couple guitar styles. The Min-ETune makes automatic tuning available to more styles of instruments, including acoustics. It’s currently available on a number of Gibson guitars which you can check out at I think I will run down to Guitar Center to check it out myself.