T.C. Electronics Gives Away Software To Great Effect

January 28, 2013

Unless you’re a gear head, you may not have heard of T.C. Electronics. But you’ve heard their guitar effects.

T.C. Electronics makes the classic 2290 Delay, put to great use by the likes of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour and U2’s The Edge.

T.C. is still making great and innovative gear like the Tone Print pedals — and the company is smartly giving away some cool software to build even more loyalty among its legion of fans.

Tone Print pedals allow you to download “Tone Prints” that have been created by your favorite artist and upload them to your pedal to get their exact settings. You can even program the pedal with your iPhone.

Just recently, the company announced a program that you can download for free to tweak and fine tune your T.C. Electronics Tone Print pedals. Everyone knows musicians love to tweak their sound and mess with their gear. This will allow fine tuning your effects to the extreme.

The fact that the software is free shows that T.C. is committed to their customers. It adds value to an already great product and customers will remember this the next time they looking for a new effects pedal or when  recommending a product.

This video gives you an overview of the customizable Tone Print pedals: