Cool Case, But No Real Innovation With Apple’s New Mac Pro

June 11, 2013

2013_mac_proHey there, folks. How about another awesome blog post from the Fast Horse IT guy?

Let’s talk Apple. The company made a ton of announcements about upcoming hardware and software at this year’s WWDC developer convention — a new MacBook Air with improved battery life thanks to Intel’s Haswell technology, more iCloud integration between the desktop and mobile devices, and IOS 7 and OS X Mavericks.

One announcement I found interesting was the news about a new Mac Pro. Apple hasn’t updated the Pro line in such a long time that it looked like they might leave the professional and content creator market high and dry and stop making them outright. It’s design is a huge departure from the previous generation with it’s small, Bazooka bass tube looking case. Phil Schiller’s “Can’t innovate my ass!” comment in response to the Mac Pro unveiling was funny — a little dig at the critics who say Apple has lost it’s edge.

But I’m not sure a round computer counts as innovation. While the design is cool, the overall product doesn’t change much in the computing world. Yeah, it has new generation hardware, but not much stands out aside from the redesigned case. Also, I’m not seeing space for additional internal hard drives. If you need more disk space, the only option would be to add external USB3 or Thunderbolt drives. That’s a drag. I would like to have seen some internal hard drive expansion slots that are hot pluggable and accessible without opening the case. Servers have that capability and it would be a great feature for a workstation-class desktop.

Having said all that, it is cool how they packed two GPUs and other hardware into such a tiny case and you can get external Thunderbolt raid devices with hot plug capability. I am glad to see that Apple has not abandoned this market like they did with the Xserv and having it built in the USA is a plus.