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Bob Ingrassia
Bob Ingrassia

Reporter’s Confession: I Screwed Up While Covering A Mass Murder
December 19, 2012

Bob Ingrassia in Kingman

Bob would love to join the jury convicting the news media for its negligence during the first few hours following the school massacre in Newtown, Conn. There were some serious screwups. The problem is he’s guilty, too.

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Why ‘Curious George’ Is An Outrage
November 19, 2012

Curious George caught

You may love the colorful and lively illustrations, but the characters in this book display an appalling lack of respect for approved methods of transporting and housing primates.

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Fast Horse Looks To Hire A Full-Time Web Developer
November 15, 2012

Fast Horse headquarters

Fast Horse is looking to hire a full-time web developer. We need someone who can help us design and build awesome sites. Apply within!

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Saving The Brewery That Grew With The Great Northwest
October 22, 2012

Schmidt's Brewer St. Paul

The shuttered Schmidt’s Brewery complex in St. Paul is rich in history. A plan to create artists lofts on the site may bring the hulking edifice back to life.

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Hitching A Pony
October 10, 2012

Andrew Miller was supposed to write a blog post today. He didn’t. But he’s got a beautiful excuse.

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Creatives Go West: Lessons From The Road
September 4, 2012

Creatives Go West

Four creatives set out from Minneapolis for the West Coast in search of inspiration. They would see creative places. They would meet creative people. Fast Horse hooked them up with gas money.

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When Stop Signs Make Us Less Safe
August 28, 2012

Have you seen the stop signs that flash red lights as you approach? You can’t miss these things. But every regular stop sign is now less noticeable … and that’s not good.

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“Double Dog Dare” Pushes Fundraising To New Heights
July 26, 2012

Double Dog Dare

Forget the rubber-chicken dinners, bake sales and silent auctions. Northern Star Council, the Boy Scouts organization serving central Minnesota and western Wisconsin, is going to let random people rappel from a skyscraper in downtown St. Paul.

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If This Guy’s Right, We’ve Got Trouble Ahead
July 9, 2012

A smart guy named Dave Winer foresees a storm brewing, one that could swamp the communication tools and technology systems we take for granted. And he’s doing his best to warn us to take cover.

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So Much Love: CaringBridge Card Breaks World Record
June 8, 2012

CaringBridge card at Mall of America

Fast Horse helps CaringBridge celebrate its 15th anniversary and the launch of new services in a big way. The organization put up a giant greeting card at the Mall of America … and got the most-ever people to sign it.

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