“Double Dog Dare” Pushes Fundraising To New Heights

July 26, 2012

They could host a bake sale or set up a car wash. Or maybe they could organize a gala or silent auction.

Those are perfectly effective ways for community organizations to raise funds.

But to Northern Star Council, the Boy Scouts of America organization that serves central Minnesota and western Wisconsin, those methods also are BORING!

Double Dog DareThis fall, the organization is rejecting the rubber-chicken dinner and the candle-basket auction in favor of the “Double Dog Dare.” Anyone who gathers at least $1,000 in pledges will get to rappel from the top of the Ecolab Corporate Center in downtown St. Paul.

We’re not talking Eagle Scouts or hard-core climbers here. This event, which happens Sept. 7, is open to anyone willing to confront their fears and accept the dare.

I’ve been working on a volunteer committee helping Northern Star Council organize the event. Fast Horse put together the promotional video above.

Our little committee has been getting plenty of “You’re going to do what?!” reactions.

And that’s the point. No one’s ever done an event like this in Minnesota. So Northern Star Council is able to generate plenty of attention and excitement.

The organization is taking all comers. You can learn more about the event and register on the Double Dog Dare site.