So Much Love: CaringBridge Card Breaks World Record

June 8, 2012

CaringBridge logoFor 15 years, CaringBridge has given the world a free service that helps families and friends stay connected while someone they love is going through a health issue.

Maybe you’ve visited a CaringBridge site to support your aunt, your roommate’s dad or a dear friend’s child. Perhaps you’ve followed the CaringBridge journey of Jack Jablonski, the Minnesota high school hockey player severely injured during a game in December.

Every day, CaringBridge brings people together. Often the news they share with each other is difficult. CaringBridge can be a place of tears and heartbreak. But more often than not CaringBridge is a room full of joy, love, inspiration and compassion.

Running CaringBridge is a job. Computer servers need tending and programming codes need tweaking. There are accounts payable to tackle, HR headaches to address and fundraising campaigns to manage. CaringBridge is a nonprofit organization, but it’s a business all the same.

All that stuff took a backseat yesterday. On Thursday, CaringBridge celebrated its 15th anniversary with a big “That’s a Lot of Love” event at the Mall of America. The organization used the occasion to launch new services and a new look. Fast Horse helped CaringBridge develop plans for the anniversary and the launch — and we were proud to work with such a great organization.

The star of the show was a giant greeting card. At 30 feet tall and 40 feet wide, the card is the biggest one ever erected. But we didn’t stop there. CaringBridge gave supporters a chance to share their love by joining an attempt to break a world record for most people to sign a greeting card.

The previous record of 1,812 signatures didn’t stand a chance. CaringBridge founder Sona Mehring started the parade of love at about 10:45 a.m. Throughout the day, handwritten messages ate up space on the card. At about 5:30 p.m., a boy from Alabama broke the record with signature 1,813. In all, 2,216 people expressed their thanks and support on the CaringBridge card. Hundreds more signed an online card.

A great event. A great organization. A great client.

And a timely reminder that when people come together in times of need, the world is a place of hope, love and compassion.

CaringBridge card at Mall of America

The card stretched 30 feet high and 40 feet wide

CaringBridge card at Mall of America

Supporters wrote messages of thanks and hope

CaringBridge card Mall of America

Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders!

CaringBridge world record greeting card

Signature No. 1,813 broke the record. This boy was visiting from Alabama.

Sona Mehring CaringBridge

CaringBridge founder Sona Mehring watches as JoAnn Hardigger and Darrin Swanson sign the card. Mehring created to the first CaringBridge site to help this family.