Welcome The New Guy … Times Two!

May 21, 2012

Quite a day at Fast Horse. We’re welcoming two new interns — Nate Brennan and Tim Holtz.

If their names a ring a bell, here’s why: They were both finalists in our recent Summer Internship Campaign.

Nate came out on top in our Facebook voting to earn a coveted internship here at Fast Horse World Headquarters. Tim distinguished himself during the campaign, so we decided to bring him on board, too!

Here’s a bit about Nate and Tim:

Nate Brennan

Nate Brennan

Nate Brennan

Education — Minnesota State University, 2011 (mass communications, journalism, film studies, English)

Experience — Minneapolis-St.Paul Magazine (web production/blogger), SPIN Magazine (online editorial intern), MSU Reporter (publisher and editor-in-chief)

Quote — “Sure, I’ve been in charge of a newspaper, landed a gig blogging for a summer at SPIN Magazine, wrote a ton for SecretsOfTheCity.com and produced all those online articles about new restaurants and shopping in Edina for Mpls.St.Paul Magazine‘s website. I also do web design, shoot/edit video, don’t care about the Oxford comma and taught myself entire Adobe Creative Suite. Yadda, yadda, yadda. I know mine is just one of billions of stories in the world.”

Tim Holtz

Tim Holtz

Tim Holz

Education — University of Minnesota, 2012 (strategic communication and Spanish)

Experience — University of Minnesota Academic Health Center (media relations and new media intern), Essential App Marketing (marketing intern)

Quote — “I’ve had a yearlong PR internship for the University of Minnesota and a marketing internship working on a soon-to-be released mobile app. I’ve built great relationships with local reporters and had stories get millions of views all over the world. I’ve developed video storyboards and built effective market strategies. In short, I’ve been continually challenged to step outside my comfort zone.”