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Lindsey Boeser

A Workout To Drive You Insane
February 17, 2012

Lindsey turns to the Insanity Workout program to rejuvenate her fitness regimen. Does this workout live up to its name?

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Burger King Delivery: What Do They Have Against Breakfast?
January 26, 2012

Burger King logo

Burger King is testing out delivery service in Washington, D.C. But you can’t get breakfast delivered! What’s up with that?

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Resolution: Cut Back On ‘Treats’ And Save Cash
January 5, 2012

Fast Food

Lindsey spends plenty of cash on convenience food, hot drinks and other indulgences. This year she resolves to trim the treats and put the money to better use.

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Weary Minnesota Fans Pin Hopes On Wild
December 12, 2011

Following extremely frustrating seasons from the Twins and Vikings, the early season success of the Minnesota Wild has been a breathe of fresh air for Minnesota sports fans. The question is: Is it too good to last?

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Sure, I’ll Be Your Maid Of Honor … OMG, Now What?
November 16, 2011

Lindsey’s sister is getting married. Yay! But now a nuptials newbie needs to figure out what in the world a maid of honor is supposed to do.

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Christmas Colors Before Fall Colors Is Just Too Soon
October 25, 2011

Macy’s dove into the Christmas season the first week of October. That’s just ridiculous. More stores should be like Nordstrom, which declared no Christmas displays until after Thanksgiving.

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It’s No Challenge Getting Inspired For This Group
October 3, 2011

Walk for Hope

Minnesota Teen Challenge hosted its 2nd annual Walk for Hope this past weekend. The organization has built up a huge catalog of amazing stories of recovery. How could you not be inspired?

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Low Morale Among Teachers? Blame The Parents, Not The Kids
September 8, 2011

School Bus

Ever wonder why some teachers are just as bummed out about the start of a new school year as the kids? Teacher and author Ron Clark tells us that dealing with clueless parents can drive teachers nuts.

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In Minnesota, Nothing Certain But Death, Taxes … And The State Fair
August 25, 2011

Minnesota State Fair

Do you ever wish the Minnesota State Fair was at the beginning of August instead of the end so we don’t always have to associate it with such a depressing reality, the end of summer?

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Sexualized Young Girls? Don’t Act Surprised
August 16, 2011

Padded push-up bikinis marketed to 8-year-old girls. Risqué photos of a 10-year-old model in French Vogue. Why do we act so shocked to see this happening?

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