Burger King Delivery: What Do They Have Against Breakfast?

January 26, 2012

Burger King logoLooks like the world of fast food just got a little more interesting.

Last week, Burger King began offering delivery from 10 locations in the Washington, D.C., area. If you live within 10 minutes of one of the delivery locations, you could get your food delivered to you within 30 minutes for an additional $2 delivery charge.

Worried about your food getting soggy on the drive? No need to fear, they’ve got you covered. Burger King chief brand and operations officer John Fitzpatrick told USA Today they used “proprietary thermal packaging technology” to guarantee “that the Whopper is delivered hot and fresh, and the french fries are delivered hot and crispy.” If the idea succeeds, Burger King anticipates expanding the service to other locations and areas over time.

The downfall I see in all of this? Breakfast delivery is still not an option! The hours are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., conveniently leaving the breakfast menu out. Personally, the breakfast menu is what I’m most interested in. I actually prefer McDonald’s breakfast over Burger King, but either way, I would much rather have the availability of the breakfast menu all day long before I would care about the option of getting my burger and fries delivered to me.

Burger King breakfastSo far, Burger King and McDonald’s have yet to offer this option. Both chains shut the breakfast menu down shortly before the lunch hour. Am I alone in this? Would you prefer having the breakfast option all day over delivery? If you think about it, if one wants to order food to be delivered for lunch, dinner or even a late night snack, there are plenty of options. If one wants to have food delivered for breakfast? Not so much.

I eagerly await the day that category is filled with a few more options. Until then, I’m anxious to see how fast food delivery works out for Burger King. I’m sure I’d occasionally use the option if it were available here.

What are your thoughts? Do you think fast food delivery will succeed? Would you use the option? Do you think the breakfast menu will ever be available all day long? Which would you prefer, breakfast or delivery?