A Workout To Drive You Insane

February 17, 2012

Could your winter workout routine use a boost of intensity?

I know mine could. I tend to slack a little more during the winter months, blaming the dreary weather for my lack of energy and motivation.

I decided enough was enough. I recently turned in my gym membership for a nice little change of pace, the Insanity Workout. You get the comforts of working out in your own home (perfect for those cold winter days) and don’t have to pay monthly fees. What could be better?

I’ve played sports my entire life, so I figured, how hard could this really be? I got my answer pretty quickly when the fit test, the first part of the program that tests your strengths and limits, left me gasping for air. Within a matter of days, I learned how truly insane the Insanity workouts really are.

Is it worth it? I think that may depend on your personality. If you are a competitive person, then I would say yes. If you prefer more low-key, passive workouts, then probably not. If you strictly stick to the schedule, doing your workouts six days per week and eating right, in my opinion, there is no other workout that can even compare.

No matter how hard you may think you’re pushing yourself at the gym, I can promise you Insanity pushes that much harder. I never have been one to buy into the “home workout solutions” until I came across Insanity. It actually works and is well worth it. In addition to my Insanity workouts, I have re-dedicated myself to the sport of snowboarding as an added winter exercise for myself that’s a little more on the fun side. These two small changes have left me feeling a lot more energized and motivated on the cold and dreary winter days.

Have you tried the Insanity workouts before? What did you think of them? What are your methods for keeping the winter blues away?