New Day, New Digs

January 5, 2015

night buildingAfter two years of planning and seven months of construction, the day has finally arrived – Fast Horse has returned to the North Loop.

Well, two-thirds of us are returning. For the rest of us, the dozen or so of us who joined the Fast Horse team after April 2014, this is an entirely new adventure. We never knew Fast Horse World Headquarters as the two-story truck-service garage; we came to know – and grow in – a makeshift temporary space on the third floor of Open Book.

FHHQ09The one-room schoolhouse taught us well. We were far too large for the space, which not only allowed us to quickly get to know every colleague, but also every client and project. It was hard not to know (almost) everything that was going on in the agency, and that made for an awe-inspiring orientation. Of course, by the end of our stay, the novelty had worn off, and I think we were all looking forward to a little more personal space without working from home.

So now that Fast Horse has returned home to North Ninth, we could quickly fall into two factions: BC and AD (Before Construction and After (re)Development), but that’s not the Fast Horse way. Sure, the BC ponies may swap “remember when” stories about the old space, but what I’ve learned in my short time here is that we’re all in this together. Star-bellied or not, together we will decide how we use our new space, how we work in it and how we play. It’s a new adventure for each and every one of us and we’re all excited about the voyage.

And if you haven’t been paying attention to the Peepshow the last two months, be sure to check out Tony’s November and December posts to see how the beautiful building came together.