I Am A Banana!

January 14, 2015

Brace yourself, everyone. I’m going to talk about myself.
First things first: My name is Hannah. I’m a real-life Minnesotan. I’ve had the opportunity to live all over the state, and I have to say, I still think it’s pretty cool. Duluth has won my heart over all the other cities, because it’s the small town in a big city. You have the weirdos, the “Up North” folk, the tourists and the rambunctious college kids — all surrounded by nature galore. Most importantly, it’s my favorite place to do two of my favorite things: thrifting and being outdoorsy. There is nothing better.

Thrifting in progress, old book in hand.


Although I love my home state, I have an itch for traveling. I’ve traveled to England, Wales, Scotland, France, Italy and Switzerland. How’s all that possible? Well, I studied abroad in Worcester, England for nine months. I consider Worcester to be a new home for me. I would love nothing more than to be able to walk to the city center again just to get a medium “caffé carmella” coffee at Costa. I’m really anticipating the next time I can travel.

New Street

The oh-so-lovely New Street in Worcester.

When I’m not daydreaming that I’m getting on a plane back to England, I’m living and breathing film. I’m a film snob — yeah, I said it. I like to think of myself as an amateur film connoisseur. I collect movies, I collect books about movies, and I could talk endlessly about them. I analyze and study film because I have an innate motivation to do so. I like finding cinemas, usually small and independently owned, that do their very best to fulfill current and future film lovers by providing them with the opportunity to see rare films in theaters. They are the ones that keep the movie-going experience alive. Bravo, my dears & thank you.


The Filmhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland

The Electric

The Electric Cinema in Birmingham, England

I’m a recent grad with a degree in cinema, media and communication. I’m eager to create, to learn, and to encourage myself to go outside my comfort zone in order to do as much as I can.  I’m thrilled to be a part of the Fast Horse team. It’s gonna be good, guys. I’m ready!