Maple Syrup, Cheese Curds & England: Meet Monica

December 16, 2014

Monica Foss.

me portugal

22 winters under the belt.

Lover of bacon, travel, sunshine, fleece, whiskey, oceans, meeting new people and awkward conversations.

I hail from the frozen wasteland of Minnesota, which I will never understand why people settled. But I have family both here and in the tropical oasis of Panama, where I understand completely the allure of island life. I’m a perfect blend of the too-nice-for-your-own-good Scandinavian and the sassy Latina.

I graduated from the University of Minnesota’s journalism school, where I realized I love to learn — and I love to write. I picked a hodgepodge of classes with one goal in mind: learn as much as possible. I can now spew random facts about Native Americans in Minnesota, dinosaurs, natural hazards and disasters, Spanish literature, the food system, intercultural communications and, of course, all things PR, journalism and marketing.

At least once a day you’ll hear me going on about London, my favorite city in the world (so far). I chose to study abroad there because of one condition: They spoke English. But my time there showed me the amazing accuracy of the famous quote, “When you are tired of London, you are tired of life.” After four months, I found myself falling in love with the abundance of diversity and opportunity, British culture, British boys and the European way of life.

heart art london

Street art, East London


Friend Emma and I attempting “The Sound of Music” in Scotland’s Highlands

A few things I think America could learn from Europe? Their understanding of work-life balance (emphasis on life), the siesta, and how to walk your dog without a leash. Freedom for the pups!

Free & jolly pups in Bath, England.

Free & jolly pups in Bath, England.

What I think Europe should import from the States? The delicious liquid gold also known as maple syrup.

One of these days I’ll coordinate the international exchange of brilliant ideas and breakfast foods.

Here are some other things I plan to do with my life:

Fly an airplane. Buy an island in the Caribbean and a flat in London. Try every version of the cheese curd in the Midwest. Try every food in the world. Be a contributing photographer for National Geographic. Learn to sail. And kick ass at this internship!