Set Lasers To Funk

April 20, 2015
Filibusta in the shadows.

Last fall I was zealously digging through SoundCloud, an online audio distribution site, trying to discover the next EDM artist I wanted to book to play in the Twin Cities. Eventually, I came across the glitch-heavy, funky tunes of Troy Probst, better known as Filibusta. As fate would have it, Troy independently reached out to me just weeks later about bringing his “Awakening Tour” to the Twin Cities. We made it happen.

Since then, Troy has continued working diligently to progress his career. He has hit the road for another tour, played multiple festivals both nationally and internationally, and just a week ago kicked off his “No Handouts Tour,” which spans coast to coast. He’s also somehow managed to sneak in some studio time to produce a new album. 

Set Lasers to Funk Vol. 1 is the first installment of three albums, and was released today. The album is Filibusta’s funkiest to date. Following is an abridged transcript of an interview I conducted with Troy in which we discuss Set Lasers to Funk, as well as Troy’s career. You can listen to unedited audio of the the whole interview here.

Interview with producer / DJ Filibusta

Alex: You’ve got your new album, Set Lasers to Funk Vol. 1, droppin’ tomorrow. Let’s talk a lil’ bit about it.

Troy: Sounds good, man! It’s basically something I’ve been working on for the past year. Last year I had been really busy with shows. I’d been doing everything myself. No agency. No manager. Just winning The Untz Challenge – all the bookings to follow after that. The tours. Just really did not have much time to work on our album.

For the past six months I’ve been working with a new management agency – APA. They’ve definitely freed up some time for me to pop back in the studio and get some uninterrupted studio time – basically get this album done.

Alex: Very cool.

Troy: Last year I released a few remixes and a few singles, but didn’t get a full album out. This year I’m doing three. Set Lasers to the Funk is one of three.

Alex: You have seven tracks. On your social media channels you’ve dropped seven short clips – promos – over the last seven days, so the titles have all been released in that way. If you had to choose one or two to talk about, what would they be?

Troy: I really like “Wild Wild West.” “High Roller” is the one I’m super excited for everyone to hear. Mainly because… the kind of style I like to capture is Progressive. There’s no repetition. The first verse of the song is like the second verse. The exact same music… Kind of tells a story. And that’s what I like to do with my music – no repetitive nature. Just kind of go through and, you know, just tellin’ a story.

Alex: You incorporate the keys into your live performance, and you’ve also invited other artists to play live with you on stage. With your musical background – the ability to play different instruments – do you ever play around with throwin’ more live instruments into your set?

Troy: It’s definitely been an experiment. Since I’ve been on this funk kick, doing funk tracks – funky bass – I’ve been using a lot of guitar. I’ve been using a lot of horns. I started the Filibusta live band. I brought Ryan Viser to play trumpet. My buddy Mike, from Saint Louis, goes by Goodness Gracious, he actually is the one who has been traveling around with us playing guitar. As far as me playing – I’m trying to bridge the gap between our live guitar and live trumpet. I’m trying to be the glue that brings them together with the keyboard. With the keyboard I can emulate any sound I want. It could sound like a saxophone, it could sound like a didgeridoo. There are just so many plugins and VSTs that you can create whatever sounds you want. I like the versatility of that.

Alex: Anything additional you want to say about Set Lazers to Funk Vol. 1?

Troy: It’s the funkiest album I’ve ever put out. I’m super excited for it. I’ve been playing tracks on this tour. Come out to my show. Let’s have fun!

Alex: It’s been fun following you over the course of the past year. You’ve started to catch some steam, I would say, and it’s been fun watching that happen. You definitely hustle dude, and props to that.

Troy: For sure. I definitely appreciate. I get it when people say, “Oh, you’re so lucky.” I get what they mean, but really, in all reality, it’s 99 percent hard work, 1 percent luck. You know what I mean? If really I were that lucky I’d be up in lights. The hustle the whole way through, it’s fun for me. You face hard times, but it’s the hard times that motivate me to do better, work harder, and the end result is, obviously, better times. Bigger, better shows. Bigger crowds. Over the years I’ve been able to obtain that. It’s definitely cool to see where I came from and where I’m at now. Absolutely.

Alex: Well, Troy, keep at it dude. I’m excited to see where you bring this whole Filibusta thing.



Download Set Lasers to Funk Vol. 1 for free HERE!

Set Lasers to Funk