Discover Together: How A Film Festival Re-Introduced Me To Minnesota

April 15, 2015
St Anthony


Moving back to Minnesota from a nine-month stay in England was difficult. Although I did miss home, I was convinced it would be slim pickin’s for adventures to be had and opportunities to grow in the Midwest. I was in a perpetual state of sulk: stuck in the suburbs, stuck in school, awaiting school debt and no longer affording a strict Cadbury-chocolate-bar diet. As I constantly reflected upon my days in England, I remember spending most of my time meeting people and observing how they lived day-to-day.

I felt a part of the quaint Worcester community and grew to appreciate all the people who make it memorable. I dreaded the Twin Cities because I felt disconnected, and didn’t believe there was anything for me. My post-grad days began with entering a world where petty school problems or part-time retail woes were a thing of the past. And, once I arrived, I found and still find myself asking “Who?”, “When did this happen?”, “What!?”, “Where was I?” I believe my young angsty blinders have prevented me from the potential wonderment of the city.

And so, it was time I adapted the open-minded-traveler mindset I once had. My overall goal is to discover Minnesota’s culture — the food, the music, the art, the nature. And, what better place for a cinephile to start than with Minnesota’s film culture?

MSP Booklet

I’ve been told that Minnesota’s film scene isn’t anything to boast about over the years. I’ve always taken internal action with my interest: I mastered which cinemas and what shows to attend and where to buy the good and rare movies on the cheap. And then I went looking to prove those beliefs about Minnesota and film wrong.

Did you know there was a Film Society of Minneapolis St. Paul? I sure didn’t. Which leads up to MSPIFF. Holy acronym! It’s the annual Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, presented by the MSP Film Society. I’m currently a member of the film society and assisting with the box office during the festival. I’m thrilled to be on the other side of the box office. Numerous film-goers have thanked me for being a part of making this happen. And when they do, I want to turn around and thank them for giving the MSP Film Society, and the filmmakers an appreciative and loyal audience.

They are what makes these festivals alive. It’s an opportunity to support film lovers, filmmakers, local business and other cultures. It’s a unique way to experience Minnesota on a local and international level. There is a wonderful film community in this state. Discovering the MSP Film Society is my way of taking the Twin Cities, putting it on a smaller scale, and finding a way to appreciate the community that lies underneath such a large city on a more personal level. I’m happy to say that I feel motivated and inspired.

There are 10 days of the festival left. You can buy your tickets online or come to the box office (and say hi to me!). I know you all want to see “Furious 7” at the nearest AMC, but “Furious 7” and Belgian ale aren’t going anywhere. There is an incredible selection of films to choose from. I encourage you to take a look. Here are a couple helpful links:

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