Elizabeth’s Tips For Raising The World’s Best Dog

April 21, 2015

I feel fortunate to share a home with my pup Marty, the World’s Best Dog. Because I want everyone to have the opportunity to experience a human-canine love as pure as ours, I’ve compiled a list of my best dog-parenting tips. Read up, put these pointers to good use and reap the benefits of having a World’s Best Dog of your very own.

Your dog is always watching, so set a good example. If you desire to raise a canine with a mild temperament, it is important to display calm tendencies yourself. So, when a grubby man who shall not be named asks your obedience-school instructor why little dogs are always so “yappy” and shoots a sideways glance at your pride and joy, stay seated and maintain your poker face. There will be time to plot revenge later.

EarsDevelop confidence early. Let’s face it: Everyone goes through an awkward stage they would rather not remember. During this period of time in your dog’s life, it’s important to remind them how wonderful they are. This will allow the metamorphosis from a dumbo-looking puppy to superhero dog to take place.


Encourage cultural exploration. Having a well rounded, sophisticated dog takes work. If you happen to have a pup who has a hankering for escargot, sushi or frog legs—conveniently found on the shore of your nearest lake — don’t discourage this culinary exploration. Simply keep a bottle of baby shampoo handy.

RDrivingemain patient while allowing your canine to develop life skills. Life is hard. Learning to use the bathroom in the proper place, that mommy’s shoes are not toys and how to properly function as a personal chauffer or designated driver on the weekends will take your dog time. That’s okay and doesn’t make you any less of a canine parent. Stick with it and be patient.




Forgiveness is best served in the form of a cuddly nap. Sometimes, your dog is just going to let you down. But, on the other hand, there will come days when your hectic schedule causes you to miss important events like a daily walk or that killer squirrel your pup spotted in the yard. It’s crucial to be forgiving of one and other and move past the bad, welcoming in new beginnings and happier days. 


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