Fast Horse Celebrates The Power Of Community At Cornerstone

April 4, 2013

The definition of “community” in Webster’s dictionary doesn’t do the word justice. “People with common interest living in a particular area” feels flat and doesn’t evoke the feeling a community can provide, the sense it creates, the ownership people can take.

At Fast Horse, we’re encouraged to put our own stamp on the definition of community and use our time and talents to bring that to life in a way that feeds our creativity and satiates a passion.

For Alex, that means working with local musicians and writers. For Cydney, that means volunteering at ARC, which helps intellectually and developmentally disabled people and their families. For me, it means helping to bring awareness to the cyclical affects domestic violence has on our families and children.

Earlier this week, I got to introduce my colleagues to my passion — Cornerstone Minnesota, the local non-profit that seeks to end domestic violence among children and families through intervention and prevention services. On Tuesday, we headed to Cornerstone mid-afternoon to prepare and serve food to the women and children living in the shelter. While that little act in and of itself doesn’t change the world, every one of us came away knowing a little bit more about the issue than when we arrived. We made a decision to do some hands-on experiences with other organizations around the Twin Cities – and isn’t that the real meaning of the word community? Feeling connected.

Today, I wanted to share a couple photos from our time at Cornerstone and encourage all of you to think about what you can do to make an impact on your community, because it takes a village.