Fast Horse Takes Home Trophies At 2013 Minnesota PRSA Awards

March 22, 2013

Fast Horse PRSA Classics 2013

Fast Horse had a great night at the 35th Annual Minnesota PRSA Classics Awards on Thursday night.

Our name was called four times during the event, which took place at the Metropolitan Ballroom in Golden Valley.

Fast Horse took home trophies for our work with three great clients:

Marvin Windows and Doors
Institutional Programs (Business/Industry)
“Window into the Presidency” — President Obama used the Marvin story as the climax of a highly anticipated address on the economy and returned to the story repeatedly during the highest-profile moments of the 2012 campaign: in his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, in the first presidential debate, and in his victory speech on Election Night. With each instance, Fast Horse fanned the flames to maximize the results of our strategic efforts to promote Marvin’s 100-year heritage of family ownership, community involvement and product innovation as a competitive differentiator.

“Emphasizing the Caring in CaringBridge” — A CaringBridge brand refresh promised new language, warmer colors and a more caring environment. CEO and founder Sona Mehring would be the face of this new CaringBridge. The organization tapped Fast Horse to write a speech that helped Sona bring the refreshed brand to life. Fast Horse researched CaringBridge’s old positioning, dug into the new brand documents and interviewed Sona to emerge with a speech that weaved personal anecdotes, CaringBridge’s history and the CEO’s values into a compelling narrative.

Pearson’s Candy Company
Special Events, More Than Seven Days (Business/Industry)
Marketing Products (Established, Budget Less than $75,000)
“Making the Midwest Nutty for Nut Goodie” — The Nut Goodie is a Minnesota icon that holds a special place in the hearts of families who have enjoyed the treat through multiple generations. Fast Horse helped the brand celebrate its 100th anniversary in a big way. Through local hooks, creative pitches, events, partnerships, promotions and a microsite, Fast Horse kept media, influencers, and fans talking about Nut Goodie over a six-month period – on a limited budget. Sales were up 28% and the brand was covered by all the major local newspapers multiple times, with dozens of radio stories and 20 TV segments on all four Twin Cities networks.

Bonus: Here’s John Reinan reacting to his work for Marvin Windows and Doors winning an award (thanks Jamie Millard for the Vine!):