Cheers For The Unassuming Kid From Pine City

May 23, 2012

This guy likes turkey

Back on Jan. 2, 1996, an unassuming young fella from the small central Minnesota town of Pine City began a three-month internship in the consumer marketing practice of an international public relations firm.

A three-month internship stretched to six, which ultimately led to full-time offer. The kid from Pine City distinguished himself early as a highly organized problem solver who could be counted on in the trenches of some of the agency’s highest profile and most complex projects.

His competence caught the attention of clients and colleagues. “The guy’s good,” they’d say. “Really good. You’re lucky to have him.”

His stellar work would lead to greater responsibility. Before age 30 he was the day-to-day lead on some of the best-known brands in the world. Jim Beam. Coca-Cola. His work took him to some of the biggest stages in the sports world: The Super Bowl, the NCAA Final Four, the Daytona 500 and the Olympics.

And along the way he worked with some of the biggest names in sports: Cycling legend Lance Armstrong, NASCAR star Tony Stewart, baseball Hall of Famer Andre Dawson, and Olympic hero Jim Craig among others. “The guy’s good,” they’d say. “Really good. You’re lucky to have him.”

The kid from Pine City wasn’t known as a big risk-taker. He was, after all, legendary for eating a dry turkey sandwich for lunch nearly every day for well over a decade. True story. But when opportunity knocked, he left one of the best jobs in the industry to take his chances with a tiny competitor across town. The way he liked to tell it, he went from the world’s biggest agency, to the world’s smallest. He was taking a chance on a dreamer. It was like starting over.

By then the kid from Pine City had grown into a first rate strategist, who could more than hold his own with some of the most creative minds in the business. He tackled a wide variety of new challenges, and quickly learned the business side of the agency business. You know, the sexy stuff: HR, legal, accounting, etc. He took the lead on a variety of key agency accounts and initiatives, winning some of the industry’s most coveted awards for his work. He demonstrated a tireless work ethic and continued to nail everything thrown his way.

The tiny agency grew quickly, and his new colleagues and clients were impressed. “The guy’s good,” they’d say. “Really good. You’re lucky to have him.”

Indeed! For all the good stuff above and more, we’re pleased to announce that Scott Broberg, the unassuming kid from Pine City, has earned a promotion to Senior Vice President.

Congratulations, Scott! We’re lucky to have you!