Life Lesson #2

December 14, 2009


My last blog post was on the importance of persistence in the advertising industry. After thousands of comments and responses to the post I’ve decided to write again on an important virtue in the advertising industry.

My highlighted virtue this post is flexibility. Although I am a level two Yogi, I’m not referring to physical flexibility. Physical flexibility may help you hide in a tight, small spot following a pitch gone badly or after a slip of the tongue in a client meeting, but that is as far as it will probably get you within the walls of an advertising agency.

The flexibility I’m referring to is the ability to fill any role you need to at any given time. For example, you need a copy change on an ad after five on a Friday and the copywriter is already at happy hour. You must be able to assume the role of a creative writer. Or you need ad space purchased hours before deadline and your media buyer is nowhere to be found. You need to be able to make an educated purchase and negotiate that value-add every client appreciates.

Knowing every role within an agency is not only necessary so you can understand its importance and contribute, but also so you can cover that role if needed. I once had an experience where I not only had to contribute as a copywriter but as talent both singing and acting for a corporate video. Check it out!