The Royal Flush of Marketing

December 11, 2009

The marketing industry is finding new ways to reach that most captive of audiences: people in the bathroom.

Courtesy Wizmark

Courtesy Wizmark

For at least a decade, men have been familiar with print ads posted above urinals. (Ladies, do they have these in the girls’ bathrooms, too?) Personalized and branded toilet paper  will help you wipe out the competition. More recently, we’ve seen ads on urinal splash guards (left). There’s actually sound science behind these — studies have shown that if you give men a target to aim at, they tend to be neater.

Now you can bring a personalized potty into your home with the WOW Toilet.  The WOW Toilet is a clear shield that fits around the water tank on your loo. You can insert any kind of picture or poster into the shield. Match your wallpaper, display a seasonal scene or perhaps feature the photo of one of your less-loved relatives. For $89.95, the website tells us, you, too can “impress your guests” with the WOW Toilet. The WOW Toilet is also offered in a commercial version, allowing you to sponsor “a unique special moment that will always be remembered.”

Personally, I”m holding out for the one that comes with a built-in magazine rack.