Tiger, Don, Joe and Jorg

December 15, 2009

It’s not a ’60s folk group.

But it’s worth noting that our agency founder and president, Jorg Pierach, had the honor Monday of being the first guest in the post-Don Shelby era at WCCO Radio. Friend of the Pony Joe Anderson is in a six-day tryout to take over Shelby’s slot on the Great Neighbor, and he tapped Jorg as the first guest on his first show.

Topic: the effect of the scandal on Tiger’s image and endorsement career. I won’t summarize it all here, and unfortunately, ‘CCO hasn’t seen fit to post the audio on their podcast feed at this writing.

But Jorg’s basic take was that Tiger can come back from this — if he and his advisers start handling it more smartly than they have to date. Full disclosure was Jorg’s prescription — get a sit-down soon with a fair, friendly but credible sports heavyweight like Bob Costas, rip the Band-Aid off all at once and let people see the real man behind the image.

If Tiger doesn’t start getting out in front of this, it only opens him up to a new media frenzy every time a fresh angle of the story comes out.

Check out Joe Anderson, aka “Mr. Phunn,” the rest of this week and next Monday, from 1-3 p.m. at 830 on your AM dial.