Trevor’s Truth

November 16, 2009

Hello, I’m Trevor and I’m new to Fast Horse. I am not a seasoned veteran of advertising. In fact, I am not seasoned or a veteran. I am, however, familiar with the ups, down, ins, outs and dramatic swings of this crazy business we choose to put long hours, sleepless nights and sometimes dreams of miniscule account details into.

Sisyphus never stopped trying.

Sisyphus never stopped trying.

During my few, action-packed years in advertising I’ve learned many things, some of which, if written, would ensure an immediate decrease in Fast Horse blog readership due to death by boredom. The one thing I’ve learned that I’d like to share is the importance of persistence.

Things in this business don’t often go your way —¬†and without persistence, success can seem impossible. Often ideas that have countless hours of blood, sweat and tears behind them could end up dead if they don’t have a passionate, persistent individual pushing them forward. That passionate person will listen to why the idea might not work, then adapt, make changes and bring it back again and again until it is the spot-on, perfect solution to every problem in the world. Well, maybe not that good, but you get the idea.

Next time you may feel defeated, stay persistent and keep that payoff in mind because as small as it may seem to some, it is going to seem huge to you. I think this woman’s trials and tribulations illustrate this life lesson perfectly.