Come For the Crullers, Stay for The Optimism

November 17, 2009

We’re throwing open the doors to the local PRSA Chapter at 8 a.m. on Nov. 20, as we’re hosting a “Friday Roundtable” discussion entitled “Managing Economic Challenges and Anticipating New Opportunities in 2010.”  My co-facilitator will be Marsha Pitts-Phillips, who is PR Manager for the Greater Twin Cities United Way.

CrullerHere’s what I can promise to those pondering whether the $30 and an early alarm will be worth stopping by:  we’ll offer a nice assortment of crullers, bear claws and other pastries, strong coffee and plenty of pulp-free Minute Maid O.J.  Not doin’ it for ya? Can’t say I blame you. No matter how delicious the refreshments, who wants to sit around navel gazing about how crappy the economy has been and whether there’s any hope for brighter days ahead?  Besides, U2 tickets go on sale Saturday morning and that same $30 will get you in the house for what will no doubt be the biggest concert event of the summer in these parts. 

So, in light of the rather long odds against anyone other than me and Marsha showing up for this thing, I’ll make this pledge:  we’ll have no navel gazing at this event.  If you want to wallow in industry misery, save your $30 and spend an hour on George Parker’s depressing blog. The horror, indeed! If you’re looking for a bit more from your time and hard-earned money, join us Friday for an optimistic and forward-looking discussion about agency and non-profit life. We’ll explore the endless opportunities in the new marketing world, share 2009 success stories, and exchange tips for fine-tuning business practices as we head into what promises to be a watershed year for the marketing, PR and advertising industries. And did I mention the flakey pastries?  

Register for the event here.  If it’s a game-time decision, you can always walk in for an additional $5. Hope to see you!