More Holiday Magic Brewing

December 30, 2008

Our friends at the Minneapolis creative shop Brew have come out with their third annual holiday greeting, and it’s a fun change from the somber tone of their first two.

Titled Our Message of Hope, it’s a great, funny mash-up of sound bites from the leading political figures of 2008. Check it out — it’s only a minute long.

As we did last year, we helped Brew with some media relations, spreading the word about the piece. But make no mistake — our contribution was tiny compared to the amazing amount of work it took to┬áput the piece together.

Brew’s first holiday message, “The Letter,” was a viral hit in 2006. They followed it in 2007 with a magnificently conceived short, “Glow,” that memorialized the fallen I-35 bridge. You can watch them both here.

Here’s a piece from today’s Star Tribune that gives a little more background on Bruce Bildsten and the Brew crew.