Be a Martian

January 9, 2009


what would he do?

what would he do?

I was thinking of good ways to introduce myself to the readers of this blog the other day when it became obvious after a couple of colleagues brought up the topic of New Year’s resolutions.

I’m usually not a big advocate for New Year’s resolutions, as I often break mine a week or so into January (e.g.; I will refrain from HBO on-demand; I will exercise daily, etc.) but this year I found inspiration in seemingly odd places: a G-rated movie and commercial pop music. By the way, I’m the new intern here at Fast Horse, George Fiddler.

I watched “Wall-E” a couple of times over the Christmas season and I remember saying, “Our economy wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place if everyone just thought and acted like Wall-E.” So, I vowed to ask myself the following question whenever at a crossroads or even when a small opportunity to make a difference presents itself: What would Wall-E do (WWWD)?

The little-robot-that-could also embodies a lot of what I’m trying to accomplish with this internship. I figure that a thoughtful, motivated, creative and philanthropic approach will bring with it success more often than failure, so I will do my best to emulate the star of this film that very well could grab an Oscar nomination soon. 

The other resolution comes from the pop sensation of 2008, Li’l Wayne. In many of his songs he boasts that “we are not the same, I am a Martian.” It’s typical braggadocio, as he rants about how he is no cookie-cutter artist, he’s different, “a Martian,” but it has resonated with me. The quote also invokes ideas of branching out, embracing new ideas, not being afraid to be unorthodox. The second resolution and mindset I’m bringing here to Fast Horse is to embrace my inner Martian.

Today’s marketing landscape needs Martian-like, abnormal ideas. Observe what everyone else is doing, and then steer in the opposite direction. So, for the duration of this internship I will do my very best to apply the resolutions that two of the biggest presences in pop culture in 2008 provided for me and to contribute to an already very Martian-like and Wall-E-esque culture.