SPAM Is Back!

December 26, 2008


Via Vagablond, a luxury travel blog that we enjoy, we’re happy to report that SPAM IS BACK!

Per Vagablond’s perusal of Andrew Freedman & Co.‘s 2009 “Trends to Watch,” SPAM made the list along with signature ice creams and specialty butters.

We Minnesota natives knew that SPAM never left, but we’re glad to see that it has regained its place on the national foodie stage. 

For those not intimately familiar with this versatile treat, I’ve offered a few ideas below. Share yours in the comments. 

  • Macaroni & cheese with diced, fried SPAM
  • SPAM sandwiches (fry up a slice and serve on a warm biscuit)
  • Fry up a slice or two, dice, and scramble with eggs and cheese