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Jörg Pierach
Jörg PierachPresident

Want The Latest News? Go To The Dump
April 18, 2013

In the tiny village of Gilmanton, Wis., the local citizenry doesn’t scroll through Facebook or Twitter to learn what their friends and neighbors are up to. Instead, they go to the town dump.

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We Have No Comment At This Time
February 25, 2013

blog comment meme

On many blogs, including this one, commenting has fallen off. Is commenting on blogs a dying art? Should we just put our commenting function out of its misery?

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Sneak Peek: Fast Horse Launches “Modern Midwest” Lifestyle Brand
February 18, 2013

Modern Midwest Logo

Modern Midwest is a community of modern design enthusiasts — a place to celebrate and define the Midwest’s distinct take on modern living. We will unite aficionados with tastemakers, leading practitioners and influential thinkers.

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Adam Wahlberg Proves There’s An Entrepreneur In All Of Us
January 29, 2013

Adam Wahlberg

Adam Wahlberg was not a big risk taker. That is until he chucked his corporate job and bet big on an idea that just wouldn’t go away. Now he’s hustling to build indie publisher Think Piece Publishing.

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Putting A Bow On An Epic Year At Fast Horse
January 2, 2013

We hired awesome new people and worked with great clients. We won awards and grew our business. Here are the highlights of a huge year for Fast Horse.

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Community Service Award Shows Heights We’ll Go To Help
November 30, 2012

Jefferson Award medal

Fast Horse was named one of 12 Minnesota companies to receive a Jefferson Award, a corporate giving honor. It’s proof that we’ll go sky high to help our community.

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The Strib Launches A Digital Marketing Service: Brilliant Or Desperate?
October 2, 2012

Star Tribune Radius logo

The newspaper looks to boost revenue by providing one-stop-shop digital services to small businesses. Ponies discuss whether this is a smart move for Minnesota’s biggest media organization.

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Tired Of Political Mud Slinging and Gridlock? Help Reclaim November!
August 9, 2012

Jefferson Center logo

A non-profit organization called Jefferson Action aims to return democracy to ordinary citizens. Fast Horse is helping them turn their ideas into action with a campaign in a divisive Ohio congressional district.

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Are You Our Next Client Relationship Manager?
July 27, 2012

fast horse business card

Fast Horse is hiring a client relationship manager. You should apply, or at least help us spread the word about this great opening!

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We’re Looking For A Senior Designer
July 24, 2012

Fast Horse headquarters

You’ve got the experience, creativity and drive. We’ve got the job opening. What do you say we get together?

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