Revenge Of The Illegitimate Intern

July 17, 2012
Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller

Interns play key roles around here. At our size, every position is critical, from top to bottom. That means we take intern hires as seriously as any other. So when we decided to make Facebook a part of how we assess our summer intern candidates’ ability to succeed at Fast Horse a couple years ago, it raised some eyebrows. Using social media in the interviewing process was pioneering back then. It’s routine now.

A few “experts” suggested that our Facebook intern search was simply a stunt, and that our process was not a legitimate way to find people who could succeed in our business. We answered those critics by explaining that we thought it perfectly appropriate to taste the chef’s cooking before hiring him to run the kitchen. Facebook allowed us to do that for a position that would require an understanding of non-traditional marketing tools and tactics.

The process also gave us additional opportunities to see who really who wants to be here. It matters a great deal to us to know that someone is willing to invest what it takes to be successful here. Besides, we noted, it’s not like the traditional hiring process is foolproof.

Enter Andrew Miller, who campaigned tirelessly in the summer of 2010 to prove that he had what it took to carve out a career here. Having already won us over, he went on to convince our Facebook fans and landed the gig. Soon after, he packed the moving truck and left Portland with his then girlfriend, now fiancée, Beth, to validate our strong belief that his future at Fast Horse was bright.

Mission accomplished.

We’re delighted to announce that Andrew, having been hired as Associate after his successful six-month internship, has been promoted again, this time to Client Relationship Manager. The tireless work ethic, marketing savvy, optimism and can-do spirit he displayed during his campaign for the internship two years ago has carried over to his work for a wide variety of projects for The Coca-Cola Company, Marvin Windows and Doors and the Minnesota Beatle Project, among others. Andrew’s impact was immediate and his contributions to our culture and client work over the past two years have been considerable.

There’s nothing illegitimate about that.

Congratulations on your promotion, Andrew!