What Are You Waiting For? Vote!

November 5, 2018

Rumor has it there’s a big election tomorrow. Once again, it’s going to come down to which parties and candidates can get out the vote. With so much at stake it sounds pretty simple, right? Pause for laughter. But not every message has to be funded by ultra-secretive super PACs with overtly partisan leanings. Beyond each election cycle’s onslaught of fear-mongering tactics are some apolitical attempts to break our apathy. Here’s a look at a few creative approaches in the GOTV toolbox.

Show, Don’t Tell

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but one picture can say it all. In the case of this campaign for Operation Black Vote, the only accompanying words are “A vote is a vote.”

Psychology. Reversed.

Historically, only about a third of 18-24 year olds head to the polls. So how about casting older, more-likely-to-vote actors to deliver a tauntingly sarcastic “Don’t Vote” message? Note: nothing apolitical going on here. Or tell them everything will be just fine if they skip the ballot box.

Voices Wanted  

Rock the Vote has come a long way since its MTV days with Madonna and Aerosmith. In partnership with HBO, celebs give us the silent treatment, all in the name of celebrating the voice of the voter.

Stick With The Facts

Why bury the lede? I Am A Voter decided to paint the issues as black and white as they come.

Bring Us Your Opinions

I’m including this last one from a campaign I helped create 18 years ago. By portraying a series of mundane decisions in posters, TV and at the grocery store, we reminded people they vote every day. Don’t like olives on your pizza? Awesome. Now take your conviction to a nearby voting booth.