Lose Your Laptop!

November 8, 2018

Lose Your Laptop Day. It’s as wonderful as it sounds.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Ponies left our laptops behind and headed to the Walker Art Center for an afternoon filled with  contemporary art, an insightful tour and riveting (and hilarious) conversation.

I’ve always been more of a sports girl myself, but I enjoyed kicking off the cleats and emerging myself into the world of art.

My favorite piece was by Harriet Bart, pictured below. It’s called Enduring Afghanistan:

The wonderful woman named Susan, who guided us through the Walker, gave our group great insight into this piece. The dog tags mold together to create the shape of Afghanistan. In front of the chain link fence encompassed by soldiers represented by dog tags. It was quite a powerful piece for me.

Since you wonderful readers didn’t get to join us in losing your laptops, here are some of the other pieces we saw:

Piece by Julie Mehretu, called Transcending: The New International:

Piece by Danh Vo, called I M U U R 2:

Two pieces by Siah Armajani, called Shirt #1 (1958) and Shirt (1960):

Not often do we disconnect and connect with art. It was awakening to spend time in a building filled with so many pieces of art. Pieces of people’s emotions, their thoughts and feelings, their history. Art can be pretty dang awesome.

We should all lose our laptops more often.