Take A Stand Against All-Day Sitting At Work

September 7, 2018

For any of those who have a job where you’re primarily sitting, we go through our day with minimal movement. I’ve read quite a few articles that list the opinion of some health experts warning us 8-5ers that sitting for prolonged amounts of time has many negative effects on the body.

I read an article online, quoted here: “Inactivity or being sedentary increases the pressure on spinal discs by about 40 percent more than standing, according to a 2009 report in Medical News Today. As a result, the pelvic muscles become tight and, when a person stands after sitting for long periods of time, the body is pulled forward and off balance, causing stress to bones and muscles.”

Think of how much time we spend sitting: in our cars, at work, at home in front of the television or dinner table.

More and more companies are taking a stand, literally, to help their employees/members get up and move. Let’s take a look at, what I consider to be a classic, a Blue Cross Blue Shield commercial that I enjoyed so much I memorized the dance. So obviously, it worked!

Blue Cross Blue Shield has rolled out an innovative campaign called .do which encourages members and nonmembers to stretch, hydrate and breath — all things we need more of in the midst of our non-stop, always connected lives. To aid in the efforts for us all to .do more for our health, to Blue Cross Blue Shield has created a .do app that gives everyday folks easy ways and reminders to get up and stretch or move throughout the day.

One of the best benefits of stretching or getting up from a chair throughout the day is that the body releases a fluid to your joint, which make the joints easier to move, which in turn means less stiffness.

I am no stranger to walking into the office at 8 a.m., being in back-to-back meetings and once you get a chance to catch your breath and look at the clock its somehow already 1 p.m. One easy way to keep moving and hydrating is to set a handful of repeating calendar reminders throughout the day and when the reminder pops up, get up and move. Any if you’re worried about your officemates looking at you funny if you drop into a downward dog, check out this video that gives you three easy movements to do at your desk that can relieve tension in your neck, back, and wrists. I mean, who doesn’t need more of that?

Take care of your body, friends. It’s the only one we get!