Fueling Help For Harvey

August 29, 2017

At this very moment, Hurricane Harvey has the world’s attention. Countless communities and individuals’ lives are completely upended. 

Sadly, the first condition may soon fade, as we inevitably move on to newer news in the weeks and months to come. The latter, however, will persist indefinitely. For those affected, the efforts to rebuild and recover will likely represent some of their very worst days. 

Enter the non-profit organization, Team Rubicon. Uniting the skills and experiences of military veterans and first responders, Team Rubicon deploys emergency response teams all across the United States and abroad. It offers critical relief services like debris management, expedient home repair, hazard mitigation and the organizing of local volunteers in disaster areas — often areas that other organizations can’t, won’t or no longer have the means to support.

It does all of this free of charge, making an overwhelmingly positive impact:

Team Rubicon and its disaster relief volunteers represent a cause that we should all get behind. Our friends at Jack Link’s are answering the call, and you can too. So if you find yourself wondering what you could or should do to help fuel the front lines of the Harvey recovery efforts, consider joining the team