Been Through The Desert On A Horse With No Name

February 16, 2017

The first time I first visited Arizona was in February 2008. We were heading to Mesa to visit my grandparents who, at the time, snowbirded there. I wasn’t excited for the trip. Five days in the hot, dry, desolate desert was not my idea of fun. But, wanting to appease my grandparents (and my mother), I boarded the plane with my young daughters in tow.

Upon arriving in Phoenix, I quickly realized how wrong I was. Yes, it was hot and dry, but even the desolate places were beautiful in their own ways. The landscape was far more vibrant than I ever imagined and I fell head over heels for the statuesque saguaro and the red rocks of Sedona. You can drive for hours in Arizona and there’s always something interesting to look at; even the metro interstate overpasses are artfully designed.

We’ve made the trip to Arizona five times in the last nine years, with the most recent happening just last week. Every time we’ve visited, we’ve made a point to explore different parts of the state and discover more of her otherworldly topography and desolate delights.

I’ve collected a handful of my favorite photos from the last three trips. Should you need a temporary break from our (no-longer-frozen) Minnesota tundra, take a look and enjoy!