A Safety Pin With Meaning

November 21, 2016

Symbols have always been influencing our world. Pink ribbons, the peace sign, white flags, a simple heart. These objects break language barriers and are a powerful way for groups of people to communicate. What’s next? The safety pin. That thing you might randomly have under your couch or in a junk drawer, but never use. One local creative is bringing new life and meaning to this basic object.

The safety pin is being used as a statement of support. Those who wear it are presenting themselves as an ally to all. Having first started in the U.K., the trend has crossed the pond and now your social media feeds are full of #SafetyPin selfies and messages.

It can be a moving action when symbols bring populations and groups of people together to show support for one another. Kamren Kubesh, a local production designer, creative, hard worker and overall cool person, is taking things a step further.

After typical day at work, Kam found himself at the store with the idea to add the word “safety” to a pin.  With extra wires, pliers and some ingenuity, he created his first design – successfully bringing new life to this global symbol.

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“Honestly, I had no idea this would expand beyond making a few pins for friends,” said Kubesh by email. “When hanging out with some friends that evening… I decided to share my creation and my desire for increased compassion and action.”

Pinning4Justice was born, as well as more creative designs meant to start a conversation. Each one hand-made, these one-of-a-kind pins are for sale on Etsy, with 50 percent of all proceeds going to charitable organizations who support marginalized communities. By doing so, Kam’s desire is for his customers to “further educate, support and grow these wonderful organizations.”

It’s hard to believe that since Pinning4Justice began a week ago, we’re just a few orders away from hitting the $2,000 mark in donations. Only 5 pin sales to go! Thank you for all the love and support! #pinning4justice #safetypin #imwithyou #safewithme #peace

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It should be noted that no symbol is created without a form of rejection. The safety pin trend has its own group of detractors and Kam is well aware of these consequences saying, “My team at Pinning4Justice does not take these issues lightly and we have carefully considered the implications,” adding further that his pins are “the beginning of a long conversation,” and “should not be worn thoughtlessly.”

Whether you use this symbol, wear it, share it or even believe in it, there’s at least one person who has uniquely tied action to this movement. Following weeks of continuous chatter, Pinning4Justice makes the safety pin more than something you just wear and talk about. Check out the designs and organizations they support at etsy.com/Pinning4Justice.