Face Swap + FH = Nightmares

April 29, 2016

Here at Fast Horse, we are all about staying up-to-date with all the latest trends. Whether it be in fashion, design, or social media, we love trying new things. Sometimes these trends are a big hit, sometimes they are disturbing — that decision is up to you! However, a few weeks ago, one of the greatest inventions and hottest trends graced our agency — the face swap… and now we will forever be blessed with nightmarish photos.

I’m not going to caption these (except for the first one) because it would never do them justice, but they will be the only pictures you will ever need to see of us Ponies again.


Time and date of incident: March 28th, 3:46PM – first face swap was taken.

FHFaceSwap1 FHFaceSwap2 FHFaceSwap3FHFaceSwap4 FHFaceSwap5 FHFaceSwap6 FHFaceSwap7 FHFaceSwap8 FHFaceSwap9 FHFaceSwap10 FHFaceSwap11 FHFaceSwap12

**Pictures taken by various Ponies