Mpls MadWomen: Raw Success Stories

March 11, 2016

Monday night I made it out to my first Mpls MadWomen event, titled “How Did They Do That.”

More than 200 women and a handful of “sensitive men” piled into Lakes & Legends Brewing Company to show their support and listen to seven lady bosses (and one husband/partner/visionary) tell it like it is. In the age of “having it all,” it was refreshing to hear stories about taking risks, facing fears, effing up and redefining success.


“How Did They Do That” featuring Jennifer Corrigan, Ellie Taylor, Krista and Jeremy Carroll, Kalei Gaines, Lisa Lynch, Susan Wollan, and Pamela Brown


Theirs were seven success stories, told honestly and with utter humility.

Stories about climbing the corporate ladder, but realizing once you make it to the top, that it’s actually not the life you thought you wanted.Tweet_redefinesuccess

Stories about taking the leap – the leap into something you’re passionate about (but have no experience with), or away from something that is crushing your soul.Tweet_Latitude

Stories about discomfort.Tweet_jen

Stories about trusting your gut, but forgiving yourself when intuition fails you.Tweet_womensclub

Stories about “toxic emotional muggers” and accepting the terrible gifts they give you because you will learn from them.Tweet_Pamela

Stories about knowing when to say when.Tweet_susan

Their stories were real and they were a good reminder that the road to success, however you define it, is often messy — because life is messy. And while in order to be successful you need to be passionate, you also need to be compassionate, because life, it’s messy.

Whether it’s caring for a sick parent, child or spouse, going through a divorce, a personal struggle with depression, feeling like a fraud, or living in your parents’ basement while you “figure it out,” most of us carry the weight of much more than just a Macbook Pro into the office every day.

And so on our individual roads to success, we can all use a little help. Help getting to our next milestone or just a little help getting through the day.


Check out the official event recap and watch for more upcoming amazing programming from Mpls MadWomen.