The Small Business Revolution Is Making A Big Splash Across America

January 15, 2016

This May, during Small Business Week, Robert Herjavec (from “Shark Tank”) and Deluxe Corporation will announce small-town finalists in the running to win a $500,000 Main Street makeover — but the campaign has quickly gained momentum just this week, as people across American began nominating their hometowns and favorite small towns to be a part of the race.

It’s been compelling to be a part of the Fast Horse team working on this program. We’ve gotten to see an enormous number of places come together under the realization that a long-time dream could come to life — and when something like that is in the cards, people show us that they know how to rally.

Living in a small town myself, and thinking about what kind of an incredible change and growth this kind of opportunity could offer a community really is amazing. You find that there are hundreds and hundreds of small towns across America with amazing stories of growth, change, loss and tough times, but more importantly, we’ve found a sense of community and togetherness that remains united all along.

Deluxe Corporation has always had small business in America at the heart of its work, and the team at Fast Horse is so delighted to see the next big boom they make in 2016! Thank you for keeping us all inspired to continue to become better communities across America.


small-town flagNominate your favorite small town and learn more about the campaign here.