Sunshine On A Snowy Day

December 1, 2015

blogIt’s December 1 and a fresh blanket of snow is covering the Twin Cities. Most good natured Minnesotans are probably a little grumpy today. We got up early to shovel. The commute was a nightmare. And the reality has set in that Old Man Winter is going to continue punching us in the face for the next 4 months or so.

This is the time of year we tend to question why the heck we actually live in this state. Fortunately, there are plenty of lists to remind us. In fact, if there was a list for “foolproof tactics to generate local market news,” lists would surely rank number 1.

And so we’re routinely reminded just how great we have it. Minneapolis and St. Paul both rank among the top 5 cities nationally when it comes to quality of life based on income, affordability, health benefits, the strength of the local economy, and work-life balance. We’re also among the top 5 least stressed states. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg on this icy morning.

Minneapolis-specific accolades include:

  • The healthiest city in America and also one of the fittest based on separate studies
  • Number 1 in parks and also urban forests
  • The best city for millennials and top five for recent college graduates
  • One of the world’s greenest and cleanest cities
  • The most playful city in America
  • The best city for sleep
  • Top 5 best cities for foodies
  • Top 5 city for job seekers as well as a healthy retirement
  • Top 5 city for walkability and public transportation
  • One of the safest cities for families with young children
  • Top 5 airports for making a connection

The good folks at Patch of Earth were even smart enough to get publicity by putting out a list based on a compilation of other “best of” lists. They rank Minneapolis as the “absolute top city to live in.”

Most importantly, Minnesota is still number 1 on the list of states most likely to have a football coach eating a Dilly Bar on the sidelines during a snow storm.

dillybardan.0.0What more could we ask for?