It’s Time To Get Moving

October 9, 2015

Animated SVGs. Motion graphics. GIFs. Chances are you’ve noticed more movement in your day-to-day interactions with technology. Buttons are really satisfying to push, or fun to hover over. Menus are fluid, tending to ease open or close instead of a hard jump. Those little hamburger menus are everywhere, usually with a well-designed transition. Have you seen moving editorial illustrations in the digital publications you read? Even Google recently released a set of very well-researched visual standards on the intersection of design and technology, called “Material Design,” with a major focus on authentic animation.

The next wave of design is moving forward, literally. Technology has reached the point where motion is accessible to all types of designers and developers, allowing them to craft tiny interactive experiences for all sorts of applications. The beauty of it is the intimacy — those enjoyable, human moments. Those who own iPhones will understand the satisfaction of pressing the top button to turn off their screen with an audible click. Pressing the home button and closing apps by swiping. Watching a cat .gif natively on Facebook.

Keeping up with industry trends is what we do here at Fast Horse. Our workplace is full of smart people who notice these shifts in thinking and creating. And we adapt. Grow. Get with the times, man. The colleagues I’ve worked with have a big appetite for fresh, and the capacity to serve it up. Because motion is something I’ve been working on understanding more thoroughly, I created an animated SVG of Mars and its two moons, Deimos and Phobos.