Is The Idea Peepshow Even Worth It Anymore?

Years ago, when we started blogging here at the Peepshow, we decided to do so because we wanted to offer a little window into our culture and the things that inform our work. We had long talked about doing an agency blog, but decided to do it only after we were certain that we could sustain it. We didn’t want to be one of those agencies that started out posting every day, then maybe once or twice a week before it fizzled to monthly, and ultimately died from neglect.

So, we’ve posted fresh content every work day for the past seven or eight years. Every. Day. We’ve manage to sustain that pace because we share the burden. Every single person here at Fast Horse is expected to contribute, whether you’re an admin, IT guy, developer, designer or former journalist. Everyone has a unique voice and something to offer, and despite the fact that I get to see my colleagues nearly every day, I still learn things from and about them from their posts. Yesterday I learned about Shaun’s rad new Flying V guitar. Tomorrow, I might glean a nugget about a colleague’s belly-dancing classes, or perhaps I’ll get a review of Fetty Wap’s new record. I love it, but sometimes wonder if I’m the only person who really values the collective effort we’re putting into the Peepshow. It’s not an insignificant commitment of staff time, and as more and more content gets dumped online, we further run the risk of getting lost in the din. It’s worth questioning the value to our business.

Last week, I got the answer. I was talking to one of our newest hires about the path that led him to Fast Horse. “I started reading the Peepshow five years ago,” he told me. “I was blown away by how smart everyone who worked here was.” He told me he’s been following us ever since, and, as a result, recently jumped at the chance to join us.

Recruiting great people is our single biggest business challenge. None other is close. We need a steady pipeline of smart, hungry, driven people who can see themselves thriving in our highly flexible and fast-paced culture.

If the Peepshow brings us just one such person a year, then the effort pays off in spades.