Highlights From The Horsewarming

October 15, 2015

It wasn’t so long ago our fair agency held an annual party late in the summer for our family members, friends and business partners. Back then, our building was surrounded by vacant parking lots, nondescript concrete buildings and even the occasional wind-blown tumbleweed. It’s no exaggeration to say much has changed in the North Loop in the past few years, and there’s no better example than the very block where Fast Horse headquarters is located.

If you read the Idea Peepshow or follow our agency, you already know our office re-opened this spring following a major renovation. Renowned architect David Salmela and his team designed a modern, open workspace that perfectly suits our culture and the way we work. While we’re extremely proud of our new digs, like any new homeowner, it took us a little extra time to make sure everything was perfectly presentable before we could host our official housewarming party.

Last night, we welcomed about 250 guests for our “horsewarming,” because, well, puns are the best. The event included brick-oven pizza from Red Wagon Pizza Company, a s’mores bar from North Mallow & Co., cocktails from Tilia, free screen-printed t-shirts from local artist Dominic Wright and guided tours of our new workspace.

Couldn’t make it to our event? Here’s a little secret: Our doors are always open. Well, not literally, because that would be a terribly irresponsible way to run a business. But, in all seriousness, we are always happy to give tours of our building and share a little about what we do. Interested? Just send an email to info@fasthorseinc.com.

Now, for a few highlights from last night’s event…

IMG_3681 IMG_3757 IMG_3726 IMG_3695 IMG_3828 IMG_3767 IMG_3798 IMG_3805 IMG_3814 2For more photo highlights, check out our Horsewarming Party album on Facebook. Also, if you fancy a cocktail, you might be interested in the recipes for the two signature cocktails that were served — The Skyline and The Cobblestone.