Get To Know Tara Via Emoji

September 14, 2015
emoji bank

I have this idea for an April Fool’s Day prank where everyone’s ‘Frequently Used’ emojis are pulled as their Twitter bio for the day. Everyone throwing around the poop-with-eyes or sushi-on-a-stick with abandon will be revealed for who they truly are. In an effort to achieve transparency with my new fellow Ponies, I will reveal my own recently used emoji list and use the icons to explain a little about myself.


With a new job at Fast Horse, who wouldn’t be tossing this lover boy around? Flattery aside, this emoji is embarrassingly over-zealous for my number one, but I’ll own it. I’m a chronically optimistic person. I love trying new things and meeting new people.


I just bought my car! I don’t mean I recently purchased the single automobile destined to be mine, I mean I actually bought MY car… the one I’ve been driving for years… from my parents. This was from a text I sent to my mom about the car. It’s pretty self-explanatory.


Happy hour after work? Confetti cannon. End-of-season rosé sale at North Loop Liquor? Confetti cannon. Free meter parking after 5 p.m.? Confetti cannon.


In my world, “sports” consists of downhill skiing, parallel parking and highly competitive cribbage games. I do participate in a fantasy football league, but I joined for the beer and trash-talking. To be honest, I couldn’t name more than two players on my current roster. Go team.


Here are a few things warranting this face from me: roller coasters, the State Fair, people who aren’t very nice and elevators.


Because, why not?

Consider this an open invitation to share your own frequently used emojis with me or anyone else you’re looking to establish a connection with. I’m confetti-cannon-level excited to be here and can’t wait to get to work! (Insert salsa dancing girl here.)