Travel And Tunes With Hanna

August 20, 2015

Hey y’all, I’m Hanna. I recently joined the Fast Horse team as a Modern Midwest editorial intern. Not gonna lie – when I was asked to write a post for the Idea Peepshow, I was terrified.

Scrolling through posts of the past – hoping to get some sort of inspiration – I realized I was totally doomed. Hannah’s description of her awkward first day at Fast Horse is not only creative, but it’s frickin’ hilarious. Maggie is ON her Twitter game. Don’t even get me started on Sammie’s GIFs.

Unlike many of the other Ponies, I’m just not funny. Luckily, I know it, so I won’t make you sit through a tirade of bad jokes.

Okay, just one: What does a nosey pepper do? Get jalapeño business.

Told ya.

So since that’s out the window, I’ll tell you a little more about myself in pictures, all shot by yours truly. ‘Cause a picture says a thousand words, right?


I was born and raised in good ol’ Minneapolis.


I caught the travel bug after calling Barcelona home for 7 months.

camping But the urge to travel is usually satisfied with a camping trip.


I’m always up for an adventure.


And I get around the Twin Cities on this beauty.


My dad conditioned me to be a music freak.

He even bribed me to watch hours of Bowie music videos as a kid. I now have him to thank for being a regular at local venues like The Cabooze and spending my summers traveling to festivals and shows. The highlight of this summer was sending it out to San Francisco for the Grateful Dead 50th anniversary tour.



And I’m a sucker for a colorful plate.

After 12 years as a vegetarian, I decided to try out veganism; I’m going 3 years strong! Since you’re probably wondering, I STILL don’t know how I gave up cheese.

Whew, that wasn’t so bad. And “totally doomed” was a stretch.

Cheers to new beginnings at Fast Horse! Oh, and keep your eye out for some seriously cool Modern Midwest stuff in the near future.