Meet Mitch, Master of the Cold Call

August 21, 2015


My inaugural Peepshow post has been a long time coming. It started with a first phone call. Five simple words, to be exact – the first words left after the beep for a gal named Amy.

“Hi, this is Mitch Koch…” (It’s pronounced “Coke.” Not “Coach,” “Cotch,” “Cook,” or worse.) 

Before those words were spoken, I’d convinced myself of all the reasons I shouldn’t make the call. It would require a lot of potentially turbulent explaining – my good friend’s sister had attempted to set him up with a friend of a friend’s new coworker who’d just moved to town.

Alas, that whole set up never happened. 

In hearing of the failed set up and second-hand viewing one LinkedIn profile, though, my interest was piqued. So I got a phone number to introduce myself and make all of the above connections, six degrees of separation. No thanks. 

But, my good friend is both persuasive and persistent, and has a dad who says things like, “Mitch, you never know – she could be your wife.”


So, a blind “meeting” was arranged. We shared interests and mined for commonalities. About me: 

  • I’m a born and raised Minnesotan, but consider myself an honorary Wisconsinite, too. The towns of Viroqua and Danbury, Wis., are especially close to my heart. 

  • I love to eat and talk about food. Making my way around the Twin Cities’ restaurants is one of my favorite pastimes.

  • Sports, sports, sports. Basketball, then golf, then football.

  • I sometimes wish I’d lived in the olden days and picked up a few things. Specifically, the lost art of perfect cursive penmanship, the dapper attire, the card game know-how, and my grandpa’s writing skills.

  • I’m introverted by nature, but that’s not to be confused with quiet.

Fast-forward through the small talk. That good friend of mine’s dad? He was right.

Because of that one phone call, I’ve just married my best friend. The good friend in all of this was my best man. And – thanks in part to two more degrees of separation stemming from that very first phone call – I’m writing this, the first of many blog posts for an agency I’ve long had a crush on from afar. 

There are at least two lessons to be learned here; lessons that will apply as I start out at Fast Horse:

  1. Take smart risks and put it all out there. This is who I am and what I know, and I’m ready to learn, laugh (at myself) and grow.

  2. Listen to those around you, both near and far. I can testify that brilliant suggestions are all around. 

Two weeks in, I can already tell that I’m surrounded by a team of friends that will challenge me and encourage me to take smart risks. And I’m listening.