Relax, It’s Just Movember

November 7, 2014

Movember is here again. That great time of year when all the bros get together to admire each other’s mo’s and whatnot.

I do applaud these guys that participate in Movember. They spark conversations and raise funds for men’s-health programs which are too often overlooked. Prostate cancer is the most prominent cancer in men, and anything that builds awareness for testing and early detection is great. (If you’re reading this now and have a beard, get involved.)

As long as you guys shower, the facial hair doesn’t bother me much, but something about this challenge brings up controversy — especially around here at Fast Horse HQ. There have been some groans, eye-rolls and “please don’t do this to us again” pleas from the Ponies.

For all those a little disgusted and uneasy about Movember, let’s be glad it’s just facial hair, and there isn’t an organization encouraging men to grow man buns.

Don’t get me wrong, they can be a beautiful thing.

From Oscar winners:


To superheroes:


And those reality stars that clearly just woke up like this with the perfect man bun:

Brandon & Leah iHeart Radio "Rising Star" Performance At Macy's

They aren’t all bad. However, it must be noted that the examples above are an exception to the rule. Black sheep — and hair anomalies that are clearly putting the kibosh on all those alarmists who say we’ve reached “Peak Beard.”  What I’m trying to say is that the average Joe with a man bun would be absolutely horrifying. When there’s a Movember there’s a way, and luckily for now, that way is not a man bun.

So let’s just let the guys have their facial hair and thank our lucky stars more haven’t started experimenting with this trend. Because it can go wrong.

Very wrong.