The Ghosts Of Halloween Past And Present

October 31, 2014

Yesterday we celebrated Halloween at Fast Horse. In true Fast Horse style, we didn’t come in your typical Halloween costumes. Whether it was store-bought or DIY, creativity was the Halloween theme.

Instead of your everyday ghost or goblin, we had a ghostly looking E.T.

IMG_1721 copy

French maid? Nope. We had an Italian gondola driver (that’s the official name, right?).

IMG_1726 copy

Little Ponies got in on the fun too! Natalie’s little girl was no ordinary insect — she showed she’s a real smarty-pants in her “Book Worm” costume.

IMG_1723 copy

Things got spicy with Ms. Sriracha in the house.

IMG_1727 copy

The highlight of the party was when Renée Zellweger stopped by.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 8.23.04 AM

Ponies have a long history of memorable Halloween costumes. Alli got her nickname, “Birdie,” from this Halloween costume, handmade by her mom.

IMG_1039 copy

Natalie and her husband R.J. spent hours making this memorable costume. They clearly upstaged everyone that year!

IMG_8297 copy

Instead of going the traditional girl band route (which I’m totally guilty of),

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 8.31.37 AM

Cyd and her friends went all-out as KISS.

1924154_756994504920_2758_n[1] copy

But my favorite past Pony costume comes from Alex Weaver. I highly recommend you ask her about the night she wore this costume when you see her in person next!

SIM character_Alex[2] copy

Happy Halloween, everyone!