Going To The Chapel

September 18, 2014

It’s a big week for me! I thought it would be a fun idea to share some of the details of my upcoming wedding weekend – it shall be an affair to remember.

I’m getting married on Saturday to the best person I know. Spend 10 minutes with him and you’ll understand. Here he is!tessa

I’m excited to share that we’ll be tying the knot at his home — and the magical place his parents turned into a retreat center and wedding venue — Rustic Oaks.

This is a photo of his brother Matt and his wife Jess’s wedding, which happened on September 5, five years ago. This was the first wedding that occurred out on the property – and it’s been in full swing ever since!

sept wedding

It’s so special because we have countless memories at this dwelling, like:

  • Iron Chef competitions each Christmas (this is a big deal!). The cooks in this family, I tell ya…
  • Celebrating a wonderful winter-themed engagement party with lots of family and friends in 2013
  • catfishing

    Editor’s note: Tessa is about 100 times more hardcore than anyone else in the office.

    Catfishing and boating on the Red River

But the favorite are the quiet times which involve good food, conversation, often times music, and the best company.
Our weekend will kick off Thursday when family begins arriving from out-of-town and out-of-state. We’ll be gathering to make pies and take on all kinds of other crafts – let the projects ensue! Friday, we’re rehearsing in the evening and then hosting a groom’s dinner party – and the fun part of it (that the groom himself doesn’t know yet), is that we’re fully adorning the barn with all things ‘manly’ – branches, antlers, feathers, bear rugs, and even vintage beer cans filled with greenery and wildflowers on the tables. I can’t wait to see the delight in his reaction!

menuJust a couple of the highlights of Saturday will include our fabulous photographer, Simply Rosie, our two-man band who play a fun mix of the best instruments and sing all of our favorite tunes, our (XL) wedding party who will make it the party of the year and a delicious dinner menu.

I’ll have you know that I’m leaving the sentimental parts out — the parts of the day that I am most excited for!

So there it is, a little outline of what I’ll be up to in the days ahead. And after that, Mexico!