September 3, 2014

I checked out a new restaurant in Blaine that serves classic hot dogs, sausages, beefs,Diggity drinks and more. Its name is Diggity. It’s not your normal restaurant where you have waitresses and whatnot. It’s more like a fast-food joint with a full-on bar. You walk in and order your food and adult beverage at the front counter. They give you a number and you sit down wherever you like and wait for it to be served. You can also order by phone (online ordering coming soon)¬†and check in online when you get there and they will bring your food to your car.

If you are really hungry you can order the Deathbydog. It’s a cheese-curd-stuffed jumbo dog, wrapped in bacon, battered and deep-fried. If you can eat five Deathbydogs in under 30 minutes you get them free — and you will join the champions’ board. They have a huge bar, gigantic patio and the staff is super cool. Check them out here.